Digital Currency and Blockchain Attorneys

Atlas Law Group is an international law firm catering to technology startup’s in the digital-currency and blockchain space.

Benjamin Yablon: Profile

Entrepreneurial attorney with multiple practice areas and dynamic business entities, actively creating the future of digital currencies and blockchain solutions for FinTech, MedTech and others.

Graduate of Saint Lawrence University (1999) and the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law (2002).

Legal and Executive Experience

Salt Lending Holdings, Inc.

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, Director of Global Strategy


Atlas Law Group, LLC.

Partner. Private law practice in Denver, Colorado.


BurstIQ, LLC. 

Advisor. Building cross-platform operability into diffuse healthcare record keeping systems with the help of blockchain based security solutions.

BZG Consulting, LLC 

Founder. Providing blockchain solutions for corporate clients. Group focuses on International lobbying efforts dedicated to positive digital currency and blockchain legislation.

 Pan-African Crypto, LLC. Shareholder, General Counsel

African cryptocurrency initiative seeking to provide a stable currency for the un-banked.




Author, Pure Life

Author, The Chinese Dam

Author, Operating without Surgeons (article for The Futurist Magazine)




CBS Denver, Interview series highlighting clients involved in defective medical device class action.

Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist, Best First Novel - Pure Life




I build strategic partnerships that leverage my forward-thinking, technologically-advanced legal expertise to serve larger aspirations – be they monetary, humanitarian or (ideally) both.


Marion Keyes: Profile 

Marion’s international background is both deep and broad.  Marion has lived and worked in foreign countries for over a decade; including: China, Costa Rica, France, Hong Kong (SAR), Japan, and Mexico.  He is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish and has offices in both the Unites States and Costa Rica.

  • Marion is a Tax Attorney and is able to address international tax issues as they arise
  • Marion is CAMS Certified and has implemented successful compliance programs for a substantial number of digital currency entities.
  • Marion has lived and worked in a multitude of countries and therefore has a deep understanding of the cultures of the world;
  • Marion speaks multiple foreign languages; an ability that has opened doors otherwise closed to his clients on any number of occasions;
  • Marion has a background in business planning and never analyzes legal issues in a vacuum; and
  • Marion has an intuitive understanding of how business is conducted in the international setting.